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Automatically collect cashback towards your deposit, when you and your family spend with over 4,500 retailers

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Cashback on your spending, put towards a goal all the family can get behind

Put into a Lifetime or Help to Buy ISA to boost your deposit

Turbocharged by pooling cashback earnings together

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No joining or annual fees

Truly effortless

No coupons, QR codes or receipt scanning – just shop with retailers as usual

Keep other rewards

Our cashback won’t affect your existing rewards, e.g. Avios

Online and in-store

Cashback from nationwide brands and local retailers


Sign up now and invite your family to pool cashback

The more people nominating their cashback to you, the further your deposit gets boosted

Any of you can sign up now with just your email. Then invite the others today – groups pooling cashback get to use the product first
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Get cashback on your spending from over 4,500 retailers

Pay online and in-store to automatically collect cashback that goes straight into your home deposit savings account

Deposit contributions from brands like these and thousands more


Why are retailers giving me cash for spending with them?
Like with any loyalty or rewards programme, retailers are willing to use some of their marketing budget to incentivise customers to buy from them rather than their competitors.

Rewards can come in the form of discounts, points, or even cashback - which is what we give our community members.
Sounds great, but how much money can I realistically make?
There’s no silver bullet for building your deposit, you’ll need to save. Just think of Homewards as a hassle-free tool to accelerate the process – getting you something back for your existing spending.

On average, people could expect to make around £460 per year each at present. This will, however, vary person-to-person depending on their spending habits.

So, as an illustrative example, if you're planning to buy a home with a partner and you each have 1 person nominating their cashback towards your deposit, on average you could earn £1,840 per year. Then on top of that each of your Lifetime or Help to Buy ISAs would give you a tax-free bonus of up to 25% as well!
Why should my family nominate their cashback to my deposit?
The best thing you can do to get the most value from Homewards is to have multiple people contributing to your deposit. Since our cashback rewards don’t replace other card-linked rewards, like Avios, your family have nothing to lose from helping you.

Contributors can automatically nominate their cashback directly towards someone else's deposit (into their Lifetime or Help to Buy ISA). So, now everyone can get help from the Bank of Mum and Dad without needing cash-rich parents or grandparents.

Read more on the subject in this article.
Why do you need my card details and can you see all of my transactions?
When you link a card through our secure app, we don’t get the card number itself – just a "token ID" that lets us know when you’ve paid with our partner retailers – so we can pay you your cashback.

We can only see the transactions you make with our partner retailers – by total spend, not on individual products – and nothing else.
Where's the money kept and what exactly can I use it for?
Retailers are technically paying us a commission when our community members make a purchase with them. We then give our commission back to our members as cashback that are then transferred towards a Help to Buy ISA or Lifetime ISA (LISA). We'll pay into your existing account, if you have one, or otherwise we can help you set one up.

Help to Buy and Lifetime ISAs provide account holder with tax-free benefits and up to a 25% government bonus on top of the account balance. Certain conditions apply.
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